The Biomedical Research and Education Foundation provides unbiased information on medical devices for patients and their physician. BREF is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization created in 2003.

BREF was founded with the concern that patients and doctors do not receive impartial information on the latest biomedical technology; whether it is an implanted device, new surgical procedure, or diagnostic tool. Too often new technologies are made available at a high cost with very little proven success for most individuals. BREF has worked through its publications to educate the public on appropriate uses of new technology and medical devices.

BREF works closely with teaching hospitals and universities. BREF consults with top experts and doctors from collaborating institutions on all projects. Furthermore, BREF recognizes the importance of research coming out of academic medical centers and looks for collaborative efforts that would help both the institution and their patients.

Since BREF’s inception there has been discussion of how to improve the relationship between patients and the implanted devices that they will spend the rest of their life with. Hundreds of thousands of devices are implanted each year, yet most individuals don’t have even access to basic information on their own device.

The Medical Device Registry project has become a major focus at BREF. The goal of our registry is to improve patient care. It is a unique tool for patients and their physicians, while most other registries are product and disease oriented research tools. This important initiative is a collaboration between BREF, academia, medical associations, industry and government.